Screening and monitoring solutionsScreening and monitoring solutions

Screening and Monitoring Solutions

The Path to a Smarter Workforce.

Pre-Hire Assessment and ScreeningPre-Hire Assessment and Screening

Pre-Hire Assessment and Screening

Quick, Comprehensive, Cost-Effective

Post-Hire Continuous MonitoringPost-Hire Continuous Monitoring

Post-Hire Continuous Monitoring

Timely Notification and Expert Guidance

A Safer, More Efficient and Compliant Workplace. By Design.

Conducting pre-hire screening is a crucial first step in building a qualified work force. But that initial background check is still only a snapshot of one moment in time. Verifinity closes the loop with post-hire continuous monitoring. Smarter data. Smarter workplace.








A Complete Solution for the Entire Employee Life Cycle

Verifinity’s suite of web-based employee assessment, screening and monitoring services empowers you to move beyond a single event – the initial background check – and cultivate a safer environment in which your employees thrive. Our premium pre-hire screening streamlines background checks, casting a wider net than most standard services – with results delivered often within 24 hours. But post-hire monitoring is the game-changer.

Each month, Verfinity continues to scan data based on specific criteria you select to maintain both a safe workplace and compliance with industry regulations. If we detect any changes (new criminal records, medical sanctions, FINRA disclosable events, driver violations), we’ll verify their accuracy, then alert you immediately. You’ll never be in the dark about something that could negatively impact your business.

And with Verifinity as your partner, you’ll never be on your own. Our expert guidance will help you feel confident detecting and resolving sensitive and potentially litigious situations.


The Next Generation of Employee Screening

In an industry focused on one-off background checks for new hires, Verifinity is pioneering a more dynamic process that gives you a clear and up-to-date picture of your workplace long beyond any one employee’s date of hire.

Our leading edge technology delivers smarter data, giving you an unprecedented opportunity to shape a culture built on trust and eliminate surprises that could put your organization or your people at risk.