Post-Hire Continuous Monitoring


The Safety of Your Workplace Hinges on What Happens After the Hire

Pre-hire screening gives you the peace of mind you need to make a good hiring decision. But what about the day after your new employee comes on board — and every day after that? Most employers don’t have any post-hire employee screening programs in place. Those that do almost exclusively rely on employee self-reporting. Unfortunately, employees who find themselves in trouble with the law cannot always be counted on to report these events themselves.

Elevate Your Screening Program With Monitoring Solutions

Take your screening program to the next level. Adding ongoing monitoring solutions fills the gaps in your screening programby extending across the entire employee lifecycle.

Industry Standard

Traditional one-and-done screening
only performed pre-hire

Enhanced Screening

Adding employee self-reporting is a step in the right direction, but it relys on people in trouble telling on themselves

Superior Screening

Pre-hire screening plus ongoing monitoring closes the loop, resulting in the most complete screening program

Continuous Criminal Record Monitoring / A Safer Workplace Through Smarter Data

Verifinity’s post-hire criminal record monitoring solution brings more transparency to your workplace by promptly notifying you about verified changes that might pose a potential risk to your organization. We call this “smarter data”, because it empowers you to be proactive. Instead of being ambushed by theft, fraud or fines for non-compliance, you can take positive steps to maintain a safer, more efficient and compliant workplace.

How it works

Our technology monitors thousands of direct data integrations, scouring millions of records – including booking and incarceration data in near real-time – to rapidly uncover any new data on your employee population. We cross-reference all data for accuracy and return only FCRA-compliant records.

A Safer Workplace

Verifinity’s smarter data helps protect your organization and your employees from workplace violence, fraud, theft, and negligent retention litigation.

Healthcare Sanctions & Risk Monitoring Services / Protect Funding By Ensuring Compliance

Verifinity’s easy to implement Healthcare Sanctions & Risk Monitoring solutions are a must for any healthcare organization. Choose from multiple service-level options to cost-effectively address your organizations risk tolerance and maintain compliance with Department of Health and Human Services and Office of Inspector General requirements. Our solutions help you protect patient safety, mitigate the risk of fines and keep the funding you receive from programs such as Medicare and Medicaid secure.

Continuous Monitoring Services – Verifinity continuously monitors your employees and contractors to actively identify, verify and report adverse information (i.e. new sanctions) that may impact your organization.

License Status Monitoring Service – In addition to monitoring for adverse information, Verifinity can also check for necessary status updates on your credentialed employees and contractors licensure. All status changes are verified for accuracy and promptly reported to you.

Broker-Dealer Disclosure Monitoring / Go Beyond Self-Reporting to FullTransparency Full Disclosure

A 2014 clean-up of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (FINRA) Web CRD – the central licensing and registration system for the U.S. securities industry and its regulators – identified a significant number of undisclosed records, resulting in hefty fines to the firms who employed these advisers. Yet, little has been done to improve the options available to Broker-Dealers, most of whom rely on advisers to self-report information.

Until now.

Verifinity helps financial firms mitigate the risks associated with employing advisors with undisclosed records by moving beyond reliance on adviser self-reporting. Our Disclosure Monitoring solution can assist your firm in maintaining compliance with FINRA Rules 4530 and 3110 by providing cost-effective ongoing adviser monitoring for disclosable events. Identified records are verified for accuracy and promptly delivered to the Broker-Dealer, so that necessary disclosures may be made within the 30-day requirement.

Driver Monitoring / Reduce Liability from High-Risk Drivers

If your company has employees driving on company time, commercial or non-commercial drivers, you need to know how each individual is performing out on the road. Monthly monitoring for new violations, DUI/DWI convictions, invalid licenses, and approaching license or medical certification expiration dates is the best way to reduce risks that may lead to expensive litigation and judgments.

Verifinity’s web-based Driver Monitoring solutions automate the way your organizations manages drivers and notifies you about new citations and other issues that need immediate attention. Our easy-to- use interface lets you to manage your drivers at a glance, so you can stay ahead of upcoming deadlines, license expirations and renewal dates and proactively schedule additional training for high-risk drivers.