Pre-Hire Screening


Background Check Services / Comprehensive Identity, Criminal and Credit History

Verifinity’s background check is never a one-size-fits-all solution. Quite the opposite. Our experts work with you to establish search criteria that is right for your industry and, more importantly, for your organization. Bottom line: you’ll receive comprehensive information relevant to your specific needs. And our user-friendly web-based tools simplify the experience for you and your applicants.

With Verifinity as your screening partner, you’ll have a complete picture of your prospective candidate’s history, encompassing the information most relevant to the position you’re trying to fill.

Criminal Record Checks / 3 Steps to the Most Meaningful Data

Verifinity’s “smarter data” philosophy led to the creation of the most comprehensive national criminal records search available. Uncovering criminal records is not as easy as many companies lead you to believe, and relying on traditional national database searches alone provides only a limited view into an applicant’s criminal background. Our innovative approach involves a 3 step process — Locate > Search > Verify — that intelligently builds on data at each step to ensure the most complete and accurate criminal background search.

The first step in uncovering criminal records is understanding where to look. Using a Social Security Number trace or address history search results, we broaden the scope of the background check to include jurisdictions and names beyond what the candidate discloses.

Roadmap in hand, we begin every background search with a high-speed national database search for all names (including aliases) uncovered by the trace. Verifinity also includes Sex Offender (all 50 states) and Government Watchlist (including OFAC) checks with every search.

Next, we recommend searching records in all counties located during step one. These produce the most accurate and reliable information.

Finally, in an effort to leave no stone unturned, we leverage our proprietary technology integration to over 2,100 booking and incarceration facilities. Our goal is always to uncover the greatest number of records in the most jurisdictions.

We verify every record uncovered for completeness and accuracy. Verifinity maintains strict processes and procedures to ensure all of the information reported on the background check (consumer report) is up to date and compliant with FCRA guidelines.

Additional Criminal Record Searches Tailored to Your Needs

For companies hiring executives, key employees, or in certain regulated industries, we may recommend additional criminal record searches.

County Criminal Record Check

The most complete and reliable information on misdemeanor and felony criminal cases(recommended for all criminal background checks

State Criminal Record Check

We offer state repository searches in most states and Puerto Rico (we only offer states we know to have the most thorough and reliable information)

Federal Criminal Records

Case details and outcomes for all 94 federaldistricts (commonly used for senior level andexecutive positions)

Credit and Financial Reports / Gauge Reliability and Personal Responsibility

A prospective candidate’s credit history – negative account information, collections, liens – can give you valuable insight into his or her reliability and sense of personal responsibility.

In addition to a range of credit and financial reports, Verifinity also offers tools to help you evaluate the financial health of companies you would like to do business with.

Healthcare Sanctions Screening / Identify Non-Compliance Issues

If your organization receives funding from federal healthcare programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, this service helps you mitigate risk by identifying candidates not in compliance with requirements set down by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of Inspector General.

Again, Verifinity goes the extra mile, offering multiple search options to cost-effectively meet your organizations federal and state requirements. Our proprietary technology provides access to the most current information – including OIG,, Federal & State Exclusions List, Medical Board Actions, Professional License status – and our processes identify aliases and other key information to better qualify results. Finally, we verify every record that is uncovered for completeness and accuracy.

By the way…

Verifinity also offers a continuous Healthcare Sanctions and Risk Monitoring Services. Click here to learn more.

Employment and Education Verification Services / Confirm Credentials Before You Hire

Before you hire the candidate who appears to be most qualified on paper, consider this. “Statistically, more than half of your applicants are ‘embellishing’ their work histories,” according to a 2014 CareerBuilder survey

Verifinity re-engineered the telephone-only verification process most screening companies use – adding innovative technology that increases the quality of responses, while decreasing turnaround time. Our expert researchers do more than verify the accuracy of published data. We can help you craft specific questions for employers and references that will give you meaningful insight into what a particular candidate will contribute in a particular job role.

Employment Verification – Positions held, previous employers, job performance/advancement
Education Verification – Area of study, diplomas/degrees earned, dates of attendance/graduation, additional information such as GPA and academic honors
Professional License & Certification Verification – Licenses held and status, exam-certified licenses for financial advisers, CPAs, doctors and nurses, teachers, engineers, pilots, etc.
Professional and Personal Reference Checks – In-depth verification of references to provide meaningful insight by team of experts

Drug & Health Screening / Maintain Safety and Compliance

Verifinity partnered with best-in- class providers to deliver next-generation technology to help you maintain a healthy, drug-free workplace in compliance with government regulations and industry standards.

From the pre-hire physical that determines a candidate’s fitness for a job to ongoing health screening and preventive care that minimizes work-related accidents and improves attendance, our cost-effective solutions automate compliance management and help you meet policy and contract requirements.

Drug Testing – 5-panel or 10-panel drug screens available for both Department of Transportation (DOT) program management and non-DOT employers

Physical Examinations – Pre-hire physical examinations, fitness-on duty-assessments

Occupational Health Services – Preventive care, routine health screening

I-9 & E-Verify / Automate Employment Eligibility Reporting

Verifying employment eligibility within 3 days of hire – as mandated by the Department of Homeland Security – has become increasingly more important. Although most employers have implemented an I-9 verification program, this is often a time intensive, cumbersome process.

Verifinity’s web-based I-9 solution makes it easy for candidates to complete and sign a Form I-9 online. Within seconds of submitting a candidate’s form, you’ll receive confirmation of a candidate’s citizenship and employment eligibility status through our direct integration with E-Verify™, the Department of Homeland Security’s Employee Eligibility Verification program.

Driving Record Services / Comply with Federal and DOT Regulations

Any candidate who will drive a company vehicle, entertain clients or operate machinery in their job must maintain a flawless driving record.

Verifinity’s Driving Record Search gives you direct access to Department of Motor Vehicles records in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as in Puerto Rico and Canada. We’ll also help you ensure you’re in compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.

Driving Record Search – License type and class, restrictions, expiration date, endorsements (if applicable), suspensions or revocations, violations/tickets, accidents, DUIs

DOT & Driving History Verification – DOT compliance (safe vehicle operation, accident history and substance abuse history)

By the way…

Verifinity also offers a Continuous Driver Monitoring program. Click here to learn more.

Extended Workforce Screening / Vet Vendors, Volunteers and Other Non-Employees

Temporary and contract workers, vendors, consultants, interns, and even volunteers, can expose your company to the same risks you face from non-vetted employees – especially if they have access to sensitive information.

Verifinity helps you close the gap on what may be a substantial portion of your workforce with a full suite of extended workforce screening solutions.